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TAKEO TAMA is a private-entity. Beyond the downloading and streaming of its audio-productions (i.e. Music, Songs, Soundtracks), the primary style of support the entity accepts/engages with is in the form of "Individual Giving". Individuals that donate to TAKEO TAMA and related ventures, ensure that the entity is able to continue creating and inspiring audiences. Donations of any size help advance TAKEO TAMA's service to the public.

A secondary form of accepted support (though not widely sought) would be in the category of "Corporate Sponsorship". Corporations can help TAKEO TAMA sustain and further its commitment to producing trusted content. TAKEO TAMA offers companies an opportunity to make a positive impact in support of higher-standards and Higher-Quality within the Music and entertainment industries, globally.


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What/Who is KUNEO KOEI...?

Regardless whether TAKEO TAMA is powered by its own financing, the sales and licensing of its products/services, or the contributions and donations of others, the entity makes certain to inform all interested parties of the risks it faces, daily.



In the fields of digital-software (and entertainment-"content" businesses in general), the competitive environments further intensify; with corporations that capitalize on highly financed IPs (Intellectual-Properties) taking up the top spots in sales and rankings, TAKEO TAMA (the "Label") is striving to optimize the number of existing titles in operation and the number of new title launches, all while working to improve profitability.

TAKEO TAMA operations (i.e. sales and marketing results) could be affected by factors such as statutory-laws or regulations beyond the Label's control, so a trend of longer development lead-times and higher operating-costs due to Higher-Quality content still being produced (by the Label) as markets mature (and potential valuation losses occur) is a constant harsh (but humbling) reality for the Label.

Regarding "packaged" Audio; while the re-emergence of hardware-consoles for Music further progresses, in the download/streaming markets, Song-distribution platforms such as Apple/Spotify are expanding. TAKEO TAMA is making efforts to launch titles of high popularity as mainstay IPs (i.e. Soundtrack series-releases) and similar.

Changes in audience/listener spending trends could lead audio-operators/providers to curb capital investments, which could affect the Label's operating results.

As mindful as TAKEO TAMA is to cater to such market changes via development that reflects audiophile/buyers needs, the Label has been fixated on developing products that empower networks to serve new (and revived) listener-bases. In addition, the Label intends to focus most efforts on revitalizing the overall Music/entertainment industries by continuing to offer a business-model that enhances investment efficiency for both Label-operations and external-operators, alike.


National & International Prospective:

TAKEO TAMA is examining business-alliances in North-America and overseas as a method to enrich existing IPs/licenses and achieve efficient entry into new regions. The Label's operating results may be affected by other countries statutory-laws, changes in foreign-market environments around the globe, and other factors beyond the Label's control (as well as instances where initially anticipated synergies are not attained).


PayPal predominance & discontinuance of alternative funding options:

TAKEO TAMA has recently removed all funding/support mechanisms with the exception of PayPal. This change comes at a time where the entity no longer feels confident in some platforms for operating-gains and has chosen to consolidate its availability rather than complicate its usability for website visitors and outside companies viewing.


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