Takeo Tama

small company, LARGE style!

Takeo Tama is a team of Music entertainment enterprisers, dedicated to the tradition of creating and releasing High-Quality Audio experiences via their engineering-skills and advanced understandings of Song production and distribution.

Takeo Tama sound-recordings do not contain the use of items such as auto-tune (or similar).

Takeo Tama recordings are available as world-wide releases and are Licensing ready for both exclusive and non-exclusive uses.

When an "exclusive License" is engaged, Takeo Tama is able to remove any of their titles from 'standard distribution' (i.e. Apple Music, Spotify etc.) [at any time].

Takeo Tama aspires to help people who work in the productions of Film, Television, Videogames, Mobile App design, and Business Advertising and Marketing.

As of writing this short about section, the Takeo Tama team likely hasn't been outside (nor seen the sun) for 167 days, "Contact-Us"?!